27 June 2012

Interview tomorrow. Ahhhh!

Tomorrow, I have an interview at work for the position that I have wanted ever since the position was introduced to the company about four years ago - front end zone supervisor. For the first time in my life, I am completely confident in myself, in my answers, in my abilities. I can't speak for anyone else though, or what they might bring to the table. The people who I see as no threat, might be packing a ton of experience that I know nothing about.

My store manager and assistant manager know that if I don't get this position, I am going to have to leave the store. I hope that this doesn't affect their decision. I don't want this position out of pity, out of not wanting to lose a halfway decent associate. I want this position because I know my stuff, because I have a good brain inside this big old head of mine, because I have become phenomenal with customers (I had three compliments from customers today alone - not sure if any of them went to management, but they all made sure to tell me how good I was. And it made me feel good). I want it because the cashiers have come to me and told me that they think I deserve it, that they hope I get it, that they know I would do a good job. I want it because while it took me a long time to come back around to being proud of where I work, I AM proud - NO ONE cares more about that front-end than I do. They have been so many nights that I have stayed late just to get on register, or gone out of my way to make sure the cashiers were taken care of (when really, it was never my problem to worry about in the first place).

But mostly, I want it because I want to stay. I am not ready to leave Jersey yet. I'm just... not. I feel like I have so much unfinished business. I just can't walk away yet.

Fingers crossed. Prayers said. Happy thoughts sent into the universe.

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  1. I'm waiting to find out about a potential promotion too. Waiting sucks.

    PS: I'm attempting to blog again. (Even though I'm boring.) http://sblinder.blogspot.ca