26 July 2012

Movin on up

Well, I got my promotion, and am loving it - except that one of the people under me was fired on my second or third day, which means I have been doing more of his job than my own. It's a little bit annoying, but once I get some decent people under me, my life is going to be so much easier.

Thinking about getting a new apartment, a little closer to work - but still far enough away from work that I won't run into co-workers wherever I go. I found the cutest little apartment, for the same amount I pay now. The place is a little smaller, but it's in a nicer town, has a washer-dryer hookup in the apartment, and the place actually has character. It's adorable, really. I love it. I will need a co-signer, but it will be so worth it. Really really want it.

Hopefully just one more year in Jersey and then I will be ready to go for a big promotion and get the heck out. :D


  1. Congrats on the promotion :) That is awesome!

  2. Glad the promotion is going well! Hope everything works out with the apartment. :-)