23 April 2014

Blogs I adore. Brought to you by... people I adore!

In case you are looking for a good read, or something to make you cry, or laugh until your sides hurt, or look at life in new ways, or just, well... read... here are a few of my favorite blogs, run by some really awesome ladies (only because I know no guys who blog, though I am sure there are plenty).

Sara at Duchess Diaries. I have known Sara for what seems like forever. She used to have a fantastic domain (whirled-peas.org) and hosted my personal website/blog for quite a while (we blogged before blogging was cool. Just sayin'). She's fantastic. Be her friend.

Melanie at Mellie Anne. Melanie was also hosted on Sara's domain - way back, a decade or more ago. We ended up going to the same college, a few years apart. Melanie is super-talented with web design, and her blog is a lovely little taste of Philadelphia (sometimes making me a little homesick).

Anna at Everything. With Love. Anna is my little cousin. Okay, so by little cousin, I mean she's a twenty-something college graduate which makes me feel terribly old because I remember her as a teeny little infant. But, I digress. She's amazing with words, and a huge inspiration in my journey to weight loss and physical fitness.

Lauren at Learning to "be" Again. One of my favorite friends from high school. Lauren suffers from anxiety and panic issues, and blogs about it. Her writing is spectacular, and I have learned so much about her from reading her blog. She is strong, and brave, and I am so proud of her. Follow her, show her some support!

Beth at Miss B. One of my absolute dearest friends in the whole world. I adore her and her two adorable little boys. Seriously, one of the absolute best people I have ever met in my life. I am honored to call her a friend!

Tricia at The Trish List. Trish is another friend from high school. Her blog is mainly product reviews. She talks about how to get product freebies, tells you what stuff to try and what not to try, and is just an all around decent chick!

Kimmie at That Girl in the Wheelchair. Fantastic blog! One of the few blogs I follow currently that I don't actually know the person in any way other than through their blog. I love the way Kimmie writes - especially her tangents. 


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    1. :D
      No problem.
      I'm hoping to find some other blogs to read.
      Just realized that except for two of the ladies over on my "favorite blogs to read" section are 20's-30's ladies with no kids. Yeah! Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only non-mom out here!

  2. AWW! How sweet you are! I'm so glad you found me. I have sincerely loved hearing about your journey!

    1. Thanks! And I love hearing about your life, as well! And living maybe-kind-of-sort-of vicariously through you as I miss Nashville so much sometimes! *sighs*