22 April 2014


Last night, after posting my wordy blog about my quest to lose weight, I got an email from someone I've never met or heard of - a friend of a friend - telling me that I'm an inspiration to people trying to lose weight.

I was absolutely taken aback. An inspiration? I never intended to be an inspiration. I am shocked when friends tell me that they're impressed with my willpower, especially after the six weeks of eating no sweets, and sticking with that. I just didn't think much about it. I'm trying to lose the weight, and I am trying to prove to myself and to others that you CAN do it the hard way. No pills, no starving yourself, no surgery.

If I can inspire someone, that's fantastic. I just hope people realize I'm going to have setbacks, too. So far, I've been pretty good (though today I ate at Red Lobster and had are more than I should have. I only ate half of my meal, didn't eat any biscuits - sad face! - and feel fairly guilty about it). And my habits have changed already. But I'm far from perfect, and still have so far to go.


  1. My philosophy is that I want to make changes I can live with. So that I won't do really good for a while, then gain everything back. (Which is what has happened to me in the past.) You've definitely been a motivator for me though. :-)

    1. I'm in the same boat. I want to be able to stick with this when I am done losing all of the weight. I also slowly made changes so that it wasn't like all at once, my entire life changed. When I was used to dealing with one change, I added in another, so that the first thing was already a habit.