17 April 2014

So much has changed

Since rediscovering my blog the other day, I went through and read a bunch of the old entries. What in the world? So much has changed in the past eighteen months or so - some for the better, some for the worse, all for reasons that have led me to a point where I am happy.

I saw that I was trying to lose weight two summers ago... well, the struggle continues! I sort of gave up on it for a long while, let myself go back to my normal ways, and gained back what I had lost and then some! Being away for two months at assistant manager training didn't help. Two months where all of my meals were paid (why yes, I WILL have dessert, thank you!) and I basically spent two months SITTING at a table (in a store that happens to sell snacks, of course). I gained almost twenty pounds in those two months. Upon coming back, I quit drinking soda. Cold turkey, too. Just decided one day that I was done with it (it's been over two months now). Then I gave up sweets (MY DOWNFALL!) for Lent (three days until Easter. So I've made it over a month), and have not had a cookie, cake, candy, nothing. In over a month. Then about three weeks ago, I ordered an exercise bike. It's officially been put together for two weeks now. The first day, I did one mile. One sad little mile which absolutely kicked my ass. I've used it twice a day religiously (except for two days ago when I spent a few hours in the morning scrubbing the kitchen, rearranging things, etc. And allowed myself the morning off), and have logged just over a hundred miles as of this morning. This morning, I did a fourteen mile ride on it. FOURTEEN MILES. I was huffing and puffing two weeks ago doing a mile. My weight loss for the past week sort of sucked (half a pound in a week), but I am feeling overall healthier and happier, so I'm trying not to concentrate too much on the numbers on the scale.

My eventual weight loss goal is to be a size 14. I am currently in a 24. It's going to kick my ass, but I feel more motivated than ever to do it.

I was talking to Sara yesterday (visit her. Follow her. She's fantastic, and I adore her), about how we are both trying to get back into blogging, but how weird it is these days, because everyone sort of has a niche. There's mommy blogs, weight loss/fitness blogs, recipe blogs, freebie blogs. Blogs for any interest you could possibly have. And I find that I really don't fit in. Can I just have a "this is my life" blog? Is that even normal anymore? I guess I don't really care - it is what it is - but where the heck do I fit in in the blogosphere now?!


  1. We'll figure out where we belong! :-)

  2. Having absolutely no niche is the way to be.

    1. I'm glad, because my niche is no niche!
      I have far too many interests and things going on to try to pinpoint one thing that I want to spend time talking about.

      ALL OF IT. I want to talk about ALL OF IT. :D

  3. I have tried the Niche thing too and it isn't making me happy so when I relaunch my page here on blogger it is just going to be lifestyle my way :)