30 May 2014

A little May wrap-up

Since the month is almost over, I thought I would post a little recap of what's been going on this month.
  • We celebrated Buzz's birthday at the beginning of the month. Since we both worked on his actual birthday (the 7th), I took him out to dinner on Friday the 9th. We went to InJapan, in Easton. It was delicious! On the 10th, I surprised him with a small party at the house. He was excited!
  • I got to see Thom Shepherd. Twice. And Coley McCabe with him one of those times. THAT was pretty fantastic. It's always amazing to see Thom, no matter how much time goes by!
  • I had a bad beginning of the month when it comes to diet and exercise. I think I was getting frustrated because I had started to plateau, and didn't understand why. By the 12th, I had gained back 9 of the pounds that I had worked so hard to lose. I snapped out of whatever was wrong with me, and took those 9 pounds off, and made them take some of their friends with them. Look for an official month recap of my weight loss on or around the 1st of June.
  • I got a fantastic new blog design, thanks to Melanie at Adorability. I am completely in love with my new blog layout, and am excited every time I log on and see it.
  • I discovered a fantastic state park in my town, and took the dogs walking there twice. We absolutely loved it. I intend to make it at least a weekly thing.
  • Madden celebrated her 4th birthday on the 25th. For those of you who are new here, Madden is my sweet little dog, who looks an awful lot like the little dog incorporated in my blog layout. She is my favorite person. Since I don't know Champ's, birthday is, we celebrated them together (I believe he is 8 this year). They got lots of treats and toys and a new bed.
 This month has been good! So much more good stuff to come in June! I am going to try to take my photographs of adventures and travels and such and share them with you all!

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