01 June 2014

Monthly Weigh-In!

For anyone who hasn't been here for my weight loss journey so far, you can read Coming Clean About My Weight.

My goal for the month of May was to drop another ten pounds, and to ride two hundred miles on my exercise bike. Somewhat disappointingly, I did not make the two hundred mile goal. Last night's ride bumped me up to 174 miles (and I am okay with that - I really am). I also managed to drop 9 pounds this month.
Start weight on February 28th: 363.7 pounds
Start weight on May 1st: 322.4 pounds
Weight on June 1st: 313.4 pounds

I only lost 9 pounds this month. But overall, I just hit the fifty pound mark! 50.3 pounds, banished from my body!

Even though I didn't quite reach my biking goal, I am more proud of myself this month than I have been in March or April. Why am I so proud? Well, I fell off of the wagon in the beginning of the month. I ate what I wanted, and quit exercising all together for a couple of days. I gained back nine pounds in the first twelve days of the month. When I stepped on the scale and realized what I had done, I was angry at myself. Normally, I would have just decided right then and there that I was not capable of losing weight. Instead, I jumped right back into the lifestyle I had been working so hard for.

Those pesky nine pounds hit the road. And they took nine more of their friends with them!

Even failing to hit my biking goal doesn't have me down. Why not? Because I spent some time walking in May. The dogs and I discovered a park that we love. And, considering that I spent about four days not exercising at all, and normally would have completely given up... I still pressed on and started to work toward my goal. I figured I wouldn't hit it, but I needed to get as close as possible.

I am excited for June and all that it may bring!


  1. I'm proud of you for getting back on the wagon, that's a huge win. :-)

    1. Thanks! To me, that was the biggest accomplishment! I am so excited about my progress and the fact that my mindset is finally right to lose this stupid weight!