16 May 2014

Home to me

I thought I would take some pictures yesterday to show a little bit of where I live. No pictures of the house or anything, but this is home. For now. A little rented house on a big piece of land. Our landlord owns the house we live in, the acre we get to call our yard, and this huge lot of farmland that surrounds it all. The farm is leased out, and someone comes and plants and harvests it (I believe it was soybeans last year). But in the months that there's nothing planted, the dogs get to run around in it, and no one really seems to care.
The backyard. Our acre ends where the grass ends, but the farm makes for a nice place for the dogs to run.

The side yard. Right past those trees is an old broken down abandoned house. I've never gotten too close to it... it sort of gives me the creeps.

The front yard (hey! There's my car!), with the road down in front, and the across-the-street neighbors' house.
I have lived here for a little over a year now. It's quiet here, which is absolutely fantastic. The highway is close, so you can hear trucks if you really listen for them, but I rarely hear them. The road out in front of the house is a main road, sort of. It runs from our town to the next town over, and is not generally super busy, but there's definitely a constant flow of cars running by.

My dogs have become incredibly spoiled living here. They haven't had to walk on a leash this past year except for a few times when I've taken them other places. They can run and run and I don't worry about them getting into trouble. There was one time that they ran across the road when I wasn't home, but they're otherwise good about staying around the house. Champ is more adventurous, and I've caught him chasing deer in the backyard - crazy dog. Madden will sometimes tag along with him, but usually just sticks right around the house.

We get to watch deer, turkeys, turkey vultures, hawks, and an adorable little fox play in our yard (far into the yard usually - back closer to the woods - though the fox has come up to the house at least once or twice).

The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that people do hunt on our land. They hunt in the back, beyond the farm, in the woods (there's actually a blind back there now). I would just like warning that they're there, so the dogs don't get into trouble. I've only noticed people hunting a small handful of times since we've been here though. And I was mad when I realized they'd killed our wild tom turkey earlier this year, so we had a bunch of hens running around with no tom, until another one showed up to take on the brood.

And so, this is where I live. I love it. Most peaceful place that I have lived in years.

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