15 May 2014


I like presents. Love them, in fact. Sometimes, I buy myself presents. Sometimes, my amazing friends give me the best presents ever. I was excited that in the last two days I have ended up with two presents - one from myself, one from a friend. Thought I would share! :)

My friend Jen started selling Scentsy and one of her friends had an open party, so I decided to order from her to support her, and to help her friend earn hostess rewards and whatnot. When I told Jen that my favorite scent is My Dear Watson (smell it if you ever get a chance - the best way I can describe it is that it smells like a delicious man), she recommended two new scents - Shaka and Atlas Cedar. They both smell fantastic. They're along the lines of the scents I like, and nice and mild. Fantastic choices for me on her part! And I picked out a warmer to put in my bathroom.

Here's my new owl plug-in warmer. Isn't it adorable? It's even cuter in person than I thought it would be - and it looks adorable in my owl-themed bathroom. Love it. Glad I made this choice for a warmer!

THIS was one of the best surprises ever! When my friend Adele got here yesterday so that we could go on our mini road-trip, she brought me this AMAZING pillow that she made. Yes. She made it. My friends are insanely talented. My first love is elephants (I blame my mother), and everyone knows it. She found this pattern for elephant quilt blocks and decided to turn them into a pillow for me (she said she has two more, which she may turn into little throw pillows). I LOVE THIS. I have nowhere to put it at the moment (just threw it on the chair to snap a picture) because I don't want the dogs to cover it in hair and slobber. I'm thinking that I may end up buying a chair something like this when I move next, and putting it on there... and making it a no-mutt zone.
So much fun stuff to be all happy about! Have you gotten anything cute lately?


  1. I love Scentsy! I'm always so amazed by how far the scents travel.

    1. Yes! I am very impressed with their scents!

      What ones do you like best? I'm always looking to try new ones!