14 May 2014

Off the wagon, and back on again...

I am far from proud of it, but the first week and a half of this month, I started slacking on my new lifestyle. First it was a "sure, I can have a piece of cake..." and then it was "Sure, slice me another..." From dinners out to a party at my house, I pigged out - almost back to my old "normal" lifestyle. I had put my exercise bike into my spare room in an attempt to clean up for the party. And well, it's true what they say - out of sight, out of mine. I went four or five days without using it at all. I ate like I shouldn't.

And I gained back nine pounds. Almost immediately.

To be fair, I had been good the first couple of days in the month, and the scale had just stopped changing. The first two months had been an absolute breeze. Weight was falling off like it was nothing. And suddenly, there came a week where nothing was happening (even before I went back to eating horribly). I was frustrated and didn't care for a little while.

I didn't track my calories on my fitness app. I just fell off the wagon. And I fell off hard.

In the back of my head, I kept telling myself to snap out of it, and I just couldn't do it. Until two days ago. Back on the scale. Back on healthy eating. Back on smarter decisions. And back on that damn bike.

I will get there. Will there be more struggles? I'm sure there will. Will I pig out on some cake one day down the road? Yeah. Probably. Will I get discouraged and want to absolutely give up and throw away all of the progress I have made because it is just so damn hard? I'm sure.

But, I will get back on the wagon. And I will fight. And I will be the person that I want to be.

Because finally, I know that I am worth it.


  1. I'm having an off-week too. I blamed it on my birthday, but the truth is just because someone gave me six cupcakes didn't mean I needed to EAT six cupcakes!

    1. Right. It's hard, though. It's really, really hard!

      Especially after thirty years of bad habits, ya know? But, we will both get there.