19 May 2014

Just a little vent...

Why is it that because I am working on losing weight, people have to try to push products on me? You sell Advocare? Good for you. You sell some natural pills (natural?! I don't care what's in that crap - me eating better and exercising is natural, thank you very much) and think I should try them? That's cool.

But, in case you haven't noticed, I have dropped forty pounds in two months (with a setback this month, where I gained back 9 pounds, but have already lost most of that and am going strong). What have I done? I've cut out soda. I've cut out sweets for a long period of time, and now limit them. I've added more fruits and vegetables into my life. I've gotten off of my butt and moved. I've started using an exercise bike.

And you know what?

It works.

I can do this, without your pills, without your fad diets, without your money-making schemes. I can do this. I will do this. I realize you're out to run a business, but first, you were my friend. Lay off of the trying to make money on me. I got this.

PS. BIG thanks to the guy I went to high school with who makes his living selling Advocare who has NEVER ONCE tried to sell it to me. He comments on my posts and photos, tells me I am doing a good job, but has never ever tried to push anything onto me. And you know what? One day, if I do decide that I need to add some sort of pills or programs to help with this weight loss... he's the one I'll call.


  1. All I can sell you in groceries... And I feel like you could get them a lot cheaper yourself. ;-)

    1. haha. Right?!
      It just gets old. I appreciate people caring - I really do! But stop trying to push stuff on me when I tell you "Sorry, I'm not interested..." Ugh.

  2. I just love this post, I don't know what else to say except that I am 100% with you on it!

    1. People are just... UGH! Ugh is the easiest way to say it!

      Though, the guy I said was the only one who had never tried to push his products on me... yesterday, he commented on a post I made and did mention the products he sells. HOWEVER, it was a relevant comment. I had posted a facebook status asking if anyone knew of any protein shakes that are non-dairy, since I have issues with dairy, and I got a bunch of responses of ones people use, and he mentioned that Advocare sells one that he really likes and uses, and it's non-dairy. So, it was a relevant answer to the actual question I had asked.

      There was a time about a month ago where I'd posted on facebook asking if friends give themselves incentives when losing weight - "If I lose 20 pounds, I will buy myself this movie I want..." Stuff like that. And someone thought that THAT was an appropriate time to try to peddle their product on me. It had nothing to do with what I was asking. So annoying.

  3. Replies
    1. lol. I just don't get why people have to be so pushy.

      It'd be different if, say, you had tried something that worked to help you lose weight, and you mentioned it to me. But only really if you had nothing to gain from it. When you're selling the product, and trying to convince me to take it... it doesn't really seem that sincere, ya know? It seems like you're just trying to make a buck. Not cool.