21 May 2014

Happy progress

After posting that I had fallen off of the weight loss wagon and was hopping back on here, I have been continuing to eat right and forcing myself to hop on the exercise bike (even just for a mile or two) twice a day. From May 1-12, I had gained 9 pounds, and ordinarily, this would have completely broken my spirit and told me to forget the whole thing.

Not this time, though. May 12th, I turned it back around, and am doing well so far. Those pesky nine pounds are gone, and they took two of their friends with them. Good riddance! My goal was to lose ten pounds in May, and I may not make it (ten days and eight pounds to go? Eeek!), but even if I don't make it, I won't be disappointed. Because this month, I had a bigger success than the rest of it combined. I had a setback, and I didn't give up. I just turned it all right back around the minute I realized I was having a problem. And for that, I am prouder than anything.

I also probably won't hit my goal of doing 200 miles on the exercise bike this month (a goal which I knew was pretty huge to begin with - even though I did it last month). And you know what? That's okay! Because there were several days that I did it only once a day, for a mile or two, then several days where I didn't even get on the bike. And now? I'm using it again. If I don't hit my goal, it will be okay. It won't be the end of the world. I will keep on trucking (or biking, as the case may be). And I will get there. In my own time, I will get there.

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