18 June 2014

Wednesday Wishes - 03


It's that time of week again! Linking up for Wednesday Wishes, hosted by Anne over at Love the Here and Now.

My wishes this week are rather simple, I suppose.

  • I wish I lived closer to "home." I hate that I've barely gotten to see my littlest niece grow up, and that I've missed so much of the older two's lives. I spent a year taking care of my nephew when he was little - getting him up and ready for school in the morning, and onto the school bus. Making his lunch, having "camp outs" in the living room watching movies, getting him to sing the country songs that I loved. He will be eighteen in just over three months - my little boy is all grown up! I am so proud of who he is, but I am so sad that I missed so much in these last eleven years while I was out discovering my life. I love my life, I love how far I have come, I love how much I have seen and done. But in the meantime, life happened for everyone else, too. And I missed it.
  • I wish that I knew what was supposed to happen in my life. I am thirty, and far from getting any younger. I just wish I had some way to know what I had to look forward to. I get that the not knowing is part of what makes life... well... life. I just wish I knew. Boyfriend? Marriage? Babies? One day?
  • And today, I just really wish this stupid cold/cough/allergies nonsense would let up a little. I feel downright crummy.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I feel a good bit better, but definitely not 100% yet. Going to go to bed pretty early tonight, because I have to work tomorrow. Today, I've sounded like a frog. It's been ridiculous.