19 August 2014

And the winner is...

I apologize for my absence. Again. I've worked more days in the last two weeks than I usually do, because other managers at my store asked me to pick up days for them. NO PROBLEM! Especially because they're paying me back the week before my vacation in September, which will end up giving me off two weeks instead of just one. It made for a very sleepy me the last two weeks, but it will be so worth it a month from now!

The last time I posted, I had mentioned trying to figure out where I want to be next. Through a series of signs, I figured it out.


Let's be fair, though - it's always been Nashville. The only place that has ever felt like home, the last place I ever felt like I was really sinking my teeth into a place and really living. I want to go back desperately. I am planning on looking into going early next year, but have been looking for apartments and putting feelers out to Nashville-area friends. The one thing about the city that has given me anxiety these last few years no longer worries me. I think something changed in me two months ago when I proved to myself (and others) that I can take care of myself. The odds of ever seeing the person who hurt me when I lived down there are slim to none (if that person is even still in the area). And well, if I do run into them - I have recently learned that I can fight for myself - literally.

If any Nashville area friends have suggestions for areas to live, areas to avoid, and all that good stuff (it's been six years since I left - and when I did live there, I didn't drive, so there's a lot that I don't know), feel free to shoot me a message.

I've not felt this sure about anything in a very very long time. It's nice to feel at peace.

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