09 December 2014

Direct Sales Shout-outs and Wishlists

Becoming a Direct Sales consultant for Jamberry has really opened my eyes to just how many other direct sales companies there are out there! I have spent a good deal of time recently looking at some of these other companies, because I have friends who are consultants for a bunch of them. It's making me want to buy so many things! I thought I would give some of these lovely ladies a shout-out, and compile a list of things I want to eventually buy from them, when money permits. ;)

Myself at Jamberry Nail Wraps. Jamberry Nail Wraps are heat and pressure activated wraps for your nails. They last about 10-14 days on fingers, and 4-6 weeks on toes. One sheet does 2 manicures, 2 pedicures, and several accent nails. There are over 300 styles to choose from, with major additions in March and September.
  • Style Box. Style Box is a monthly subscription program, and they send you a box each month with two exclusive sheets of wraps that you can't get anywhere else. It ends up being a really good deal, because shipping is free, and the cost per month is less than you would pay for two sheets. It's a really fun way to try something you might not have otherwise tried!
  • Teal Mini Polka wraps. These ones are SO cute! I don't know why I haven't gotten myself any polka-dot wraps yet! These will probably be my first!
  • Indulgence Jamberry Hand Care. I don't often pamper myself with lotions and things of that nature, but I really want to try Jamberry's collection of hand care!

Casey at Thirty-One. Thirty-one makes the most ADORABLE bags! You can also have them customized with your name, or just about anything else you want to have written on them!
  • Large Utility Tote. I want this in either "Teal Mod Dot" or "Daisy Craze." It would be perfect for packing snacks and things for roadtrips!
  • Retro Metro Bag. I want this in "Sea Plaid." I love this big, cute purse!

Jen at Scentsy. Scentsy makes wax warmers, wax cubes (all of the ones I have tried smell absolutely AMAZING), and other scented products. They have a line of laundry care now, plus body care (shower gels, perfumes), room sprays, even stuffed animals that you can put a scent pack in. SO cute!
  • My Dear Watson. This is my absolute favorite scent from Scentsy. It's probably in my top three favorite scents from anywhere, actually. I LOVE this smell. I stock up on wax melts in this scent, but also love the scent circles, and would love to try to the room spray! It smells like a delicious man.
  • Flower Press Plug-in Warmer. SO pretty! I would find a way to make this work in my next house/apartment!

Laura at Origami Owl.Origami Owl necklaces are like charm bracelets meet lockets! They're adorable! You pick your chain, your locket, and your charms, for a totally one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is all you! I LOVE my Origami Owl necklace!

Crystal at Partylite. I've not tried anything from Partylite yet, but they have candles, warmers, wax melts, plus other home decor stuff. I was just checking out Crystal's site today, and am excited to place an order pretty soon!

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