08 December 2014


I turned thirty-one on the 26th of November, and kept meaning to write this big long meaningful post about all of the things that happened to me while I was thirty. I guess I'd better get around to doing that now, huh?

First, about a week after turning thirty, I started the management training program at work. My promotion meant that I got about a 40% pay raise - actually, it's probably a little more than that if you figure that my pay wasn't cut by missing time, or having hours cut this year. I'm actually coming out at the end of this year much better than I had planned.

I was able to pay off an old bill that was haunting me, and start putting money away - I love this!

A gallbladder attack in September threatened to ruin my year, but I was only down for about two days. In less than a month, my gallbladder will be gone, and I will never have to go through the awful pain I experienced that night, ever again. I am somewhere between nervous and super-excited.

I managed to lose about forty pounds this year - and keep it off - despite not eating very well here lately. I need to get back to my good habits and continue to get the weight off, but the gallbladder attack scared me, and I was afraid to continue my rapid weight loss journey.

In June, I learned that I've got a mean right hook. Punching the person who attacked me did more than just give me a fleeting burst of adrenaline, though - it taught me that I can take care of myself. This realization was monumental in realizing that I do, in fact, need to move back to Nashville. Now that my ghosts can't hurt me (well, they can, but I can defend myself against them), I know that it's time to go "home." I guess I should almost be thanking the drunk idiot who came into my store and attacked me that night. Thanks for teaching me that I can stand up to pieces of shit like you. I've got this.

In late September/the first few days of October, I was finally able to check "see Maine" and "see Rhode Island" off of my list of things to do. I have now officially been to every state east of the Mississippi - plus a few west of the Mississippi. I can now concentrate on the west coast. Who's going to accompany me on my future adventures?!

In mid-October, I got to go to Nashville! It was only for a weekend, and the drive just about kicked my butt... but it was beautiful, and perfect, and amazing. Everything about it made me realize that it's right where I need to be. I am counting down the months until it is time to go "home."

The end of October saw me becoming an independent Jamberry nails consultant. I had begun to forget what it felt like to really be passionate about something - it's a really lovely feeling to have back!

Here's hoping that thirty-one brings some much-sought-after changes. Hopefully at this time next year, I will be in the city I love, being the person I have wanted to be.


  1. You had an amazing year for 30! So glad you stood up against your fears!

    1. Thanks, Trish! <3 Hoping 31 is just as awesome!