08 February 2015

Beautiful, huh?

I would like anyone who is going to read this blog post to first read this article:
West Virginia Republican says rape can be ‘beautiful’ if it produces a child

Please actually read the article. Do not make any assumptions based on its headline. Read it. Actually read what was said.

The other day, two of my Facebook friends posted a link to this article on their timelines. I went and read the article, and prepared to be completely angry and disgusted. And, well, I was completely angry and disgusted - but not for the reason you might think. I was angry and disgusted by the writer of the article who completely twisted the words of this man.

First of all, if you actually read the article, the headline is incredibly misleading. The guy does NOT say that rape is beautiful. What he says is that if a child comes of it, that CHILD can be beautiful. The headline is false, and they should be forced to change it. Here is the actual quote, taken directly from the aricle.
According to Huffington Post, Charleston Gazette reporter David Gutman was on the scene when Delegate Brian Kurcaba (R) said, “Obviously rape is awful,” but “What is beautiful is the child that could come from this."

Second, I am BLOWN AWAY by the number of people commenting things like "someone should rape him." Seriously? How very hateful and closed-minded of you. You've obviously never been a victim of sexual assault if you would wish that on anyone. Stop wishing that on anyone. What a horrible thing to say!

And third, they're picking this guy apart, but no one's saying anything about the much more ridiculous comments made by other representatives that are quoted in the article. Everyone just takes the headline and runs with it, without even paying attention to what's really said in the article. Like this gem. Apparently real rape victims' bodies will just go ahead and prevent pregnancy on their own. Wait. What?
In 2012, Missouri’s Rep. Todd Akin said that pregnancy can’t result from rape because “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

Fourth, don't assume that all victims of rape HAVE TO have an abortion. This guy's right - if MY attack had resulted in a baby, it WOULD have been beautiful. Because that baby would have been MINE. Despite how it happened, it would still be a piece of me. I make absolutely no apologies for my pro-life stance. While rape is the one instance that actually makes me think that maybe abortion might be an option, I cannot justifiably call myself pro-choice (adoption exists - and would be a better option in my eyes. Also, I don't push my beliefs on anyone), I would never abort something that was a part of ME, regardless of how it happened. And for those who are going to argue about how stupid I am for that, and ask how I'd explain that to a child when they're old enough to ask questions? Well, that child would know that it's mother loved it and wanted it, regardless of any societal pressures.

I have such strong feelings about rape, and fighting for victims, and justice being served (it doesn't seem that it ever is, though. Just talk to a rape victim one day). But at the same time, I am livid that people twist other peoples' words around, just to combat their political views.

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