29 March 2015

Freaky Fridays

Harper (grey tabby) and Oscar (orange tabby) join Champ & Madden
On Friday, March 20th, I adopted two FIV/FelV positive cats.

On Friday, March 27th, I was in my first car accident as a driver.

Let's begin with the pleasant news, shall we? These two sweet kitties that came to live with me! To back up a little while, I had decided when my roommate moved out (oh yeah! I live alone now! Hoorah!) that I was going to look for a cat. I wasn't in any particular rush to bring one home, but if the right cat came along, I'd be interested. I found a person that pulls rescues out of a kill-shelter in New York City, and began the process of adopting a death row cat. For four days, I browsed profiles of cats, picking one each night that I would pull from the shelter. Each day, I was sad to find out that the cat I wanted had already been adopted by someone else.

I decided to give up on the rescue organization, and just want to see if anything fell into my lap.

Almost immediately (literally, within minutes) of me deciding to give up on dealing with the rescue, my dear friend Heather shared a video from someone's facebook page. There was this adorable orange tabby, being all cute and lovey. I read his description and learned that he had tested positive for both FIV and FelV. I did some research, just to ensure that this was in no way contagious to my dogs. I thought about it for a while before emailing the woman who had rescued him. He was living in a cage in her garage - she couldn't bring him inside because she has two healthy cats. Shortly after receiving my email, she sent me a message with her phone number. We talked for about half an hour about the cat. Oscar was his name.

During that conversation, it was decided - I would adopt Oscar! He was scheduled to be neutered that following Monday, so we decided that I would pick him up on Friday, which was my next day off.

A few days later, I got a message from the rescue group I had been in contact with. They had this little black cat available, and wanted to know if I'd like to take her, if I had decided not to get Oscar. I told her that I was, in fact, getting Oscar, and that the only way I'd consider taking another cat was if in the future another FIV/FelV positive cat came along.

I must have been crazy for saying that, because it just happened that she'd gotten an email about two kittens - one of whom had just FelV, and one that had both - who were on kitty death row. I read the email. I fell in love.

And that is how Harper (whose name was Cookie, but I hated it) came to join the family.

Oscar is mellow, and laidback, and after spending his life outside, is trying to get used to living in a house - and with another cat, two dogs, and a human mom. He's super friendly, and will let me hold him and snuggle and pet him for hours. He's estimated to be between 3-5 years old. Harper is all kitten! She's crazy and bouncy, and never ever ever seems to stop moving! She will chase the dogs, and let them chase her. She likes to jump on me, and sit with the dogs when they come in from going outside - and wait until I give HER a treat as well (apparently she expects to be rewards for the dogs going to the bathroom). She's hyper and crazy, and part of me wishes that she would mellow out and be more like Oscar, but part of me is also thrilled that this little girl would have been put to sleep, and instead gets to be a kitten!

Fast forward to this past Friday, the 27th. I'm going to make a long story a whole lot shorter. Basically, I was heading to the Amish Market (oh man, they have the best food!), and a woman pulled out in front of me. I was just driving down the road, there was no stop sign, or stop light or anything, and she pulled out of a shopping center. By the time I saw her, I only had a few feet in which to brake. Everything seemed to go in slow-motion, as I screamed, slammed on the brakes, and crashed right into her drivers side door. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt. I have a pretty wicked bruise on my shoulder and across my chest, and feel some pain through my lower back. Most of my pain seems to be concentrated right on my shoulder and on my breast bone though. My car suffered only minor injuries - I'm just waiting for her insurance company to figure out what they're going to do to fix it. I  don't see how they could possibly find anything other than that she was liable for the accident. The police said that she was at fault and issued her a ticket. And now, I just wait. I've not been to the doctor yet, but really think that I might go tomorrow. I went back to work today (after calling out yesterday because of the pain) and discovered that I probably should have taken another day off. It hurt to walk, all through my back, up into my shoulders. When I tried to move a cart without thinking, I almost screamed in pain, as I felt is shooting through the middle of my chest.

While I am fairly certain that I am just bruised and banged up, I think a trip to the doctor is definitely in order. What a way to start a year...

And that, in a nutshell, has been my last two weeks...

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