20 February 2016

Let's try this again

Shortly after writing my last post, my computer than I was using decided to go completely dead. It wasn't until about a week ago that I was able to replace it, and am now thrilled to have a lovely new computer! I am going to try my hardest to get back into writing, because I miss it desperately.

A few things that have gone on the last couple of months... I did go back to the old job (but at a different location), and despite the stress, the nonsense, and the insanely long commute (over an hour each way), I am less stressed out than I was when working for the other company. I am hoping to either get moved to a location closer to home, or to possibly look into renting a home closer to work. Things are up in the air with the specifics of that at the moment, but either way - it's better than what was going on in the summer. I am less broken, less fragile, less likely to break at any given moment.

In home-life-goings-ons, I am currently sharing my home with two dogs (though they have been my constant for almost-five and almost-six years) and FOUR (count them, FOUR) feline leukemia cats. I did lose one of the first ones I adopted (sweet little Harper), but still have the male that I got on the same day (Oscar). I'd also adopted two more girls (Sawyer and then Taylor) a month or so before I lost Harper. On January 31st of this year, I brought home my newest - an enormous orange tabby boy who I named Sully. He's underweight, but once he fills out, his presence will command attention for sure.

It's funny how in my thirties, I am finally starting to figure out just who I am. I am finally starting to speak up for myself. I am finally starting to really, truly love this strange and complex person that I am. I am the girl who will rescue every animal off the street, and bring them home and love them. I am the girl who muddles through a job she doesn't love, but try to give it her all anyway. I am the girl who would give someone my last dollar, even if I knew that person would not even give me a sideways glance if I was lying in the street. I am learning these things because I have been there, and I have lived them, and I continue to live them. I am excited to see what comes next...

Stick around. We'll see together!


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