28 January 2011

laundry day!

I finally got around to doing laundry today. Six loads! I did not even realize I had that much stuff. Almost two whole loads were just work shirts. I am so sick of looking at navy blue. Seriously. I miss the old days, when we could wear any kind of shirt that we wanted, because those hideous smocks covered it up. This also helped with a lot of confusion. Smock off meant you weren't working. Now, you can't walk around on your lunch without being bothered. "Do you work here?" "Well, yes, but I'm actually on lunch right now..." "Oh. Sorry to bother you, but umm... could you help me with this really annoyingly difficult request?" "Uhh..." And you can't say NO, because that would reflect badly upon place-of-work, whether you are actually on the clock or not. But if you say yes and get caught, I am pretty sure that dragons light you on fire, or some other excruciating punishment. So, you help said customer find whatever they were looking for, explain to them for five minutes how said item works, and then sneak off and eat your sandwich somewhere. But not before a co-worker finds you and asks you to please page someone for them, or bring them change, or some other annoying request. "Can't. I'm off the clock?" "Oh, PLEASE can you help me?! WHY won't you help me?!" "Ugh."

So the moral of my story is that place-of-work ought to reinstate the smock policy (it also helped because there were no dress code gray areas. You were either wearing the company-issued thing or you weren't. Simple). Partly to end some of the confusion about whether or not I am working. And partly so that I can choke someone with said smock when they insist on bothering me when I am not wearing it.

All this from doing laundry.

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  1. My dear friend... You say "Sorry, i don't work here right now.. I am not on the clock." Then the rude ass customer will say, "I only had a question" and then you will say, "BITCH I FUCKING SAID I DON'T WORK HERE"... heehee.... ♥