01 February 2011

On death & dying

I apologize for the lack of updates in the last few days. The weekend has been busy, and quite sad.

Friday evening was my uncle's viewing. The one good thing was that I got to see like twenty of my thirty-two cousins. It bothers me that we only get to see each other on sad occasions lately. I miss when my grandparents were alive, and Christmases consisted on being at their house, all of us, running up and down the stairs, playing, my dad and uncle sitting on the couch belting out Christmas carols (completely off-pitch, of course). Saturday morning was a private viewing for the family, and then the funeral mass - during which I cried, especially when my cousin Marirose's fiancee got up and talked about my uncle. Then to the cemetery, and then to a luncheon.

I will say, of this weekend, that my dad is probably the kindest most generous soul that I am blessed to have in my life. He is quiet about his generosity, though. It's not something that he flaunts in peoples' faces, and I admire him all the more for it.

The weekend made me think a lot about what I would want done, should I die any time soon. And I came to the conclusion that my funeral should not be a sad occasion. I mean, if I die, I want people to be sad about it, and not rejoicing that I have died. But, I want my last hoorah to be a celebration. No lie, I want someone at my viewing making balloon animals. I mean, can you imagine? People will be standing there, bawling their eyes out, and this guy will be like "pink balloon poodle?" and shove one in their face. It will be brilliant, and unique, and totally me! And it will make people say "Wow, she was such a jackass..." But they'll mean it in a loving way. I hope.

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