26 January 2011

seven?! really? SEVEN?!

Donnie had a dream last night that Kenzie had seven kittens. Seven. I was hoping for no more than five, but as Donnie's dreams tend to come true, I had better be prepared to have seven little bundles of kitteny goodness running around here. Seven kittens. This would mean, if it comes true, that I would have nine cats and two dogs at some point in time. Oh yeah, I think this definitely puts me at crazy cat lady status.

I suppose it is just as well, as I have already come to the conclusion that I will likely be single for the rest of my life, and surround myself with cats, dogs, and probably one or two random obscure pets - like a monkey, or a sugar glider. No husband, no kids. Just a shitload of animals. And me. Probably living in a trailer somewhere. It'll be grand.

Despite the fact that one should not get attatched to kittens if one intends to give them all up for adoption (which I absolutely do! I do NOT need any more pets, despite my crack about becoming a crazy hoarding cat lady psycho), I think I should give the kittens names. I love naming pets. It gives me an excuse to use some of the names that are on my guilty-pleasure baby name list, without feeling too bad about strapping them on an actual human being. I will have an excuse to use names like Harper, Sadie and Aislinn for girl kitties. And Spencer, Sawyer and Finn for little boys. Oh man, this is gonna be bad.

Four days until kitty due date! YAY!

On a non-kitty-related note, it is SNOWING LIKE MAD tonight! Despite the fact that I adore school, I am hoping that this will mean that school is closed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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