15 March 2011

Relay for Life!

I have decided to sign up for Relay for Life this year. I just need to put together a team, come up with a team name, and start raising some money. This is definitely my calling (raising money for causes). So far, Beth and Alicia have said that they would walk with me, so this should be fun! Just need three to twelve more people, so we can get set up and register, come up with a team name, and start collecting money. Apparently the employer will match donations. SWEET! It's about time the employer does something good for me. Muah ha ha.

Anyway, it should be a good time. June 11-12, right down the road from me in Clementon, New Jersey. And you know I'm gonna hit everyone up for donations once I get this thing going. OHHH YEAH! <3

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