08 April 2011

finally! My Taylor tattoo!

I got my tattoo. For Taylor. Yes, I went ahead with it. I now have a tattoo, of a bluebird, for a girl I have never met, and may never meet (though if she is well enough, I need to make a trek to Tennessee this summer and meet her. Just because I find it incredibly important). And, if you're not following Team 15% yet, you really should be. Taylor's story will make you believe in miracles if you don't already, and will make you grateful for all that you have.

I think it is so much more beautiful than I pictured it being, and I am thrilled that I went with the artist that was recommended to me by some friends, and that he made it look exactly how I wanted it. I am awful at describing things, but sent him a picture of a bluebird, and a picture of a banner. And I told him that I wanted it to say "Believe," and that I loved cursive writing, but wanted it to be legible. And this is what he came up with. And he is brilliant. Biiiig thanks to MJ Bonanno at Body Art in Stratford. I would highly recommend him!