15 April 2011

Mark 9:23

I am just copy-pasting what I wrote on the Taylor Guestbook, because it's just easier this way.

So, I am freaking out a little bit right now, and I just need to share:

I was at KMart today (I NEVER go to Kmart. Like, ever. There's one right down the street from my apartment, and I've been there maybe three times. Since I work for Wal-Mart and feel like a traitor if I set foot in *gasp* that other Mart). I was buying curtains, and decided to browse the home section, since I'm a sucker for picture frames, candles, and the like.

So, I go down this aisle that has big plaques that say stuff like "Live, Laugh, Love" and really cool clocks and stuff like that. And I look to my left, and there's this smallish frame/decorative thing, maybe like 8x8 inches. And I picked it up, looked around, and realized it was the only one like it. It didn't even technically belong on the peg that it was on (it was with similar things, but it was the only one just like it). I never buy silly decorative stuff really. I'm a sucker for it all, but don't usually let myself splurge on it. And well, the ten dollar price tag had me debating for a few minutes, but I knew I needed to buy it.

So, I buy it, come home, and show it to my friend who's in town visiting and helping me spiffy up my apartment. He says "I think it's a sign." (I don't shut up to him about Taylor. Ever. He even designed me a tattoo to get for her, but it was of this really cool looking cancer ribbon, and well, since Taylor's got a few different cancers, I could never decide what color to do it, so I opted for something different. But. I digress). He and I had been talking about signs earlier, and how I keep getting random Taylor signs (including being stuck behind a bus that was going super-slow today, and on the back it said "BLUE BIRD." Yeah).

Anyway, here's the plaque I allowed myself to buy:

If you can't read it (it was hard to get a picture), it says: 

"Believe... all things are possible if you believe. Mark 9:23" 

I bought this about five hours ago.

So umm, imagine my shock when I decided to see if Joyce had blogged anything tonight about Taylor, and read (in an entry that came about half an hour ago - a good four or more hours after my shopping excursion):  

"What do you mean, 'If I can'?" Jesus asked. "Anything is possible if a person believes." - Mark 9:23 

I think God knows that I am too oblivious to get subtle signs that everything is going to be okay. He might as well slap me in the face for as direct as He has been these last eleven weeks. I believe Taylor is going to get better. Because, well, it's the only logical choice.


  1. I need to catch up on blogs so badly, but wanted to comment on this post before I forget. I love moments like the one you describe here, where it seems like someone somewhere is trying to tell you something, and that message puts your mind at ease a little. Happened to me just the other day!

  2. signs are all over the place...you just have to allow yourself to see them sometimes

  3. i know this is about signs and stuff, but I really think you need to blog about ME... You did make me cry... LOL... ♥