19 May 2011

Peer pressure

Why are some people so concerned with what I am doing that they really seem to let it bother them? And not even things that I am doing that aren't great. People get annoyed when we are all hanging out and I do not drink. Why in the hell is this a problem for anyone else? Is my non-drinking hurting you? No. It is not. In fact, it is leaving more alcohol for you (not that you probably need any more. Seriously, how the fuck can you drink every night of your lives?). I have never understood this whole thing. I do not particularly like to drink. So, I do not do it, except on a handful of random occasions when the mood strikes me. But, for some reason, this has always bothered people.

It's (usually) not like I am sitting there not enjoying myself. But the constant nagging of "COME ON, HAVE A DRINK!" does start to grate on my nerves, and piss me off to the point where I'm like "fuck it. I'll go home instead."

Please someone explain this to me. Why I can't just be happily sober. I would never pressure any of my "friends" to do something that they did not want to do. So why do they constantly try to do it to me? I almost understood friends being jackasses when we were younger. But now? We're all pushing thirty. Who the fuck still tries to peer pressure people at this age? It's seriously batty.


  1. They probably just feel like you aren't "having fun" or something and don't want you to feel left out by not drinking (even though you clearly were having fun). Or maybe they want to make sure everyone around them is drunk so they can act silly without feeling bad or embarrassed about something they say. I'm not sure haha. I can understand them maybe asking you once if you'd like a drink, but I don't see the point in constantly pressuring you and demanding that you do it when you clearly don't want to. I'm also going to guess that the fact that they've been drinking influences the pressuring (lack of thought process and an internal filter lol).

  2. i'll be your "no drinking" buddy. we have fun without alcohol!

  3. Mel - I guess. I've just hung out with these same people a billion times, and every time, I'm like "no thanks, I don't like to drink." Occasionally I will have some kind of mixed girly/fruity concoction, but they know that they have never seen me drink beer. And when I repeated half a dozen times the other night that "no, thanks, I don't like wine." I thought they'd get the hint.

    Not that it's their (or anyone's) business, but I'm pretty sure my grandfather was an alcoholic. I mean, I never saw him do anything ridiculous or anything, but he'd have several beers a day. Just sit in the kitchen drinking beer and eating pretzels (to be fair, if I had the stress he had in his life, I'd probably have turned to the bottle too). I don't recall ever seeing him "drunk," but I do remember disliking the smell, and knowing that I never wanted to drink like that. I don't think I should have to explain things like that to get my "friends" to leave me alone. I don't want to drink. Period. Sorry.

    B - I agree! I don't mind one once in a while. But this every day shit is ridiculous.

  4. I know this is totally off subject but I read about your first kiss on "my life as a grown up" and I thought it was so cute that i had to stop by and say so!!
    I still can't get over the part about how "shocked" you were about tongue!! I too am a late bloomer and I didn't get my first until I was 19. I was so stunned by it that when I went to my down I wrote down everything single word and action that transpired the whole day leading up to the moment and the after affects. Strange right? It was scary how I remembered with such vivid detail. Sigh. This is long. haha.
    Have a good one!

  5. **I meant to say Dorm, not down**

  6. hehe. Thanks for the visit! I wrote my first kiss on Livejournal right after it happened. Not like vivid details, but like "Holy shit. I was kissed. WTF?" or something random like that. I think I actually also included that I was going to hell, since as I mentioned, the guy was married (I did not mention in the post that he was MARRIED at the time. Like, living with his wife. Supposedly sleeping in different bedrooms, but living together just the same. Apparently this would become a trend for me. Oops).