28 May 2011

well, damn.

Sometimes, I really do not understand people. There is someone who I have gone out of my way to help - and to get help for from other people - who has now decided that since I made an "inappropriate comment" (which she laughed at, and I later apologized when I found out that it might have offended her) that she is going to try to get me in trouble at work.

First off, I admitted fault, told her I was sorry, yada yada yada. Second? Way to stab someone in the back. How very kind of you.

I am not saying that people you help should be forever indebted to you. But at the very least, don't be a douche bag. If the whole thing was a problem, something should have been said in the first place. Not a week later, and through someone else who is spreading lies about the whole situation. Come on. I think that one should at least have the courtesy of talking to me about the issue before blowing it out of proportion.

But, you know, maybe I'm asking too much. Damn.

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