01 June 2011

big dreams

I went up to my dad's to visit for the last two days. It was fairly boring, but it was nice to just get away. The highlight of the trip was hanging out with my eight-year-old niece - taking her out to dinner, and to the candy story, and KMart, and then having a water balloon fight with her and my four-year-old niece. I kind of miss getting to see the girls (and my nephew, who's practically an adult) grow up. But, I don't see myself ever moving back home and settling...

While driving home, I called the ex-boyfriend to keep me company, and told him that we needed to work on winning the lottery and splitting it, and I started thinking about my big if-I-hit-the-lottery dreams, and what I would do with all that money - especially when I learned that the jackpot is currently 200 million dollars. Who the hell needs that kind of money?! Oh, I do! So, when I stopped to go to the bathroom at a rest stop on the turnpike, I grabbed a soda, and realized the place I was in sold lottery tickets. Yeah. I never play, but I just had to. Twenty dollars worth of random numbers toward this enormous powerball lottery.

So, I have decided to compile a list of some of the stuff I would do if I hit the lottery:

  • $5 million to build my dream house. It probably wouldn't take nearly this much money to do it, but I want some cool stuff. Like an indoor pool and jacuzzi. And a really cool master bathroom and bedroom. I want the dogs to have their own room with furniture they can jump on and shed on and whatever else, and the cats to have their own room with kitty condos and things for them to climb on. And I'd build a kickass in-law suite, in case my dad ever decided he wanted to come stay. I'd also of course need a huge fenced-in backyard for the dogs to play in.
  • A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Because they're my favorite dog breed ever (shh! Don't tell my mutts!)
  • $1 million to my dad, to do whatever he feels like doing with it.
  • $1 million to each of my brothers, also to do whatever they feel like.
  • Whatever it costs for my dad and brothers to get anything on my dad's house fixed up, and for them to get things that might make it more comfortable (central air?!).
  • A new car for my brother Joe - something brand new and fancy right off the lot
  • College funds for my nephew, nieces, my nephew's brother, and children of my close friends, cousins, etc. Enough money for the kids to go wherever they want for school, and not have to worry about it.
  • Pay off a friend's student loans, pay for my schooling, pay for another friend to go for more schooling if they want.
  • Buy a house for one of my best friends, with a huge playroom for her son and any kids she may have in the future, and well, whatever she wants out of a house.
  • A house for said friend's parents, with plenty of room for a workshop for her dad, and stuff to make easier for her mom. And a cool new pickup truck for her dad.
  • Oh, and of course some play money, so I could travel. England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain - here I come. ;)


  1. spaniels are my favorite too! I would love to get one :)

    I don't even know what I'd do with that much money. I'd probably buy a house, but I'm sure it wouldn't be the biggest around. I'd probably be happy with a decent-sized house with a pool. I would definitely buy a car, which wouldn't even be that fancy either haha. Then I'd probably set aside a million for a crazy shopping spree, set aside a little more to go to grad school or something, and just save/invest the rest of it =p

  2. loveee this post! i love thinking about what i'd do if i were to win the lottery