03 July 2011

the great weight loss challenge

I have decided that I need to lose weight. Yeah, this took me long enough to decide, right? I am not sure what clicked in my head this time, but I am glad that it did. My goal is to lose one hundred pounds in one year, which should be do-able, and I should be able to do it in a healthy way. Two pounds per week does not seem ridiculous. And to those who do not know me in person - yes, I DO need to lose that much. In fact, I need to lose more than that. But, I figured setting one goal like that for now is more than enough to handle. I have not set any shorter-term goals, but am thinking that I may.

Basically, I have cut out soda and junk food in general. Though, if I decide that I want a snack once in a while, I will allow myself something sweet, but for now am trying to curb that snack-attack with bananas and apples and things.

According to some weight loss calculater I found online, it said that to MAINTAIN my body weight, I should be eating about 2825 calories per day (this is if I do not exercise at all), and to drop 100 pounds in a year, I need to drop that by 945 calories, so I should be eating about 1880 calories per day. Now, I'm a soda fiend. Just cutting out soda, that almost knocks out that many calories. So, this is awesome news.
I am also trying to eat more at home - in an effort to save both money and calories - and am thrilled that the best friend is supportive of this venture, as he wants to lose some weight as well. I have so far been eating a lot of fruit, making sure I get dairy (skim milk and cottage cheese! YUM!), some meat, yada yada.

I am keeping track on my calendar how much weight I am losing (I will weigh myself on Saturdays, since that is when I really started), and keep track of weight loss that way. I am not going to post my starting weight, because I am incredibly unhappy with it. But, once I (hopefully) shed some pounds, I will be a lot less embarassed to let people know where I started.

Wish me luck. :)


  1. Good luck! Cutting out soda is probably the best thing you can do :) I find that cooking meals at home (as well as bringing them to work instead of eating out) is the easiest way to eat healthier...and it also ends up being cheaper! Let me know if you'd want any recipes...most of the stuff I make is from allrecipes.com which has a pretty good variety of stuff.

  2. Thanks Mel! I am going to have to browse that site more when I have some money, and can actually buy some ingredients. Muah ha ha. :D