07 September 2011

so damn unpretty

Last week, I felt pretty for the first time in a very long while. New clothes, did my hair, wore makeup. I wondered if that was how all of the pretty girls felt. Unless they don't even feel it anymore. But damn I felt good.

I just wish someone else thought so. I mean, my wonderful girl friends tell me I'm pretty and that I'm amazing... and I shouldn't be so selfish as to want more out of life. But I wish I had a man in my life who said "you are beautiful."

Telling me that I'm not unpretty is not the same thing as telling me that I'm pretty.


  1. I bet people noticed & thought you were beautiful but not everyone speaks up the whole time! But i totally get that it means more coming from that one person in particular.

  2. kick him in the nuts and say, one nut is good enough i guess....