04 May 2012

telling your ex-boyfriend's ex-wife to get the hell out can be SO liberating. even if it IS just a dream...

Just had the most random dream (yay for afternoon naps) from which I woke up asking what the hell THAT was all about, and laughing out loud a little. 

I dreamed that I was in the pharmacy at work, and we were trying to close, but customers kept coming, and they were literally coming IN to the pharmacy. I guess that was normal to have customers in there. So weird. So during the course of the dream, both my ex boyfriend's wife and his current girlfriend call to talk to him. Of course. Because of course I am working with him (he really does work in the pharmacy where I work). Then as we were closing, and all of these people are coming in, I finally start getting rude and being like "you all need to get out." So a woman comes in, and I'm like "GET THE HELL OUT!" in her face. Then I realized it was his ex-wife. And should have felt bad. But I didn't. She had come to talk to him about something. Then another woman walks in and I scream "OH MY GOD. GET. THE. HELL. OUT" before realizing it is his current girlfriend. So I apologize profusely to her, because I actually like her, but the other girls in the pharmacy are messing with her, telling her I call her an old hag or something. And I was like "I swear I didn't do that." I told her if it made her feel better, I'd told the ex-wife to get the hell out too. She said it did, and was suddenly chummy with me.

The girlfriend, in real life, doesn't like me. He isn't supposed to talk to me, because she said so (I guess she is threatened by me, but she really shouldn't be. We were together something like six years ago. Though until about two months ago, I would have gotten back together with him in a heartbeat. Besides, she is so much prettier than I am).

I guess there was some reason I needed to yell at the two of them in a dream. Sort of made my day, actually. Even if it was just a dream. Especially in the case of the ex-wife. Goodness she was a pain in my ass when we were together, with her constant harassing phone calls, and random appearances into Wal-Mart when she would tell people (including my then-manager) that I was sleeping with her husband. Which was only true in the essence that we were sharing a bed. Not that it was any of her business. And well, if you wanted him, you shouldn't have moved out, eh?

Evaluation of my dream? Obviously some deep-seeded bits of regret, jealousy or just plain annoyance.

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