04 June 2014

Goodies and an upcoming giveaway!

I stopped by the mailbox today, and it was full of all sorts of goodies! Pretty excited, so I am going to show them off!

First is this fantastic collection of goodies! A few weeks back, the fantastic Kimmie over at That Girl in the Wheelchair hosted a giveaway. I got an email a few days later saying that I had won (who?! Me? I never win anything!). I was pleasantly surprised and excited to get this box today! All sorts of goodies! There are some samples of shampoos and conditioners, all sort of fun stuff! I am really excited to try some of this stuff! It's going to be a little while until I actually mess with any of it, though, because I just picked up a new shampoo and conditioner and mousse yesterday to try, to see if it makes any sort of difference in the way that my hair acts. Really excited to find new products, especially for hair, because I am working on growing it out, and trying to prevent it from getting horribly damaged. Everyone should go visit That Girl in the Wheelchair! Follow her blog, say hello, enjoy her blog. She's terrific, and incredibly generous! Thanks again, Kimmie!

Next is my Graze stuff! I somehow screwed up when I told them that I wanted the calorie counter box. I was trying to get the calorie counter box instead of the regular nibble box. I somehow ended up with both this week (I need to go on the site and figure out if I'm getting both every week now, or if I just messed myself up for this week's shipment. I mean, no big deal for this week, but I definitely don't need two boxes per week, since I only eat them on work days at this point (they are my morning snack when I'm at work). I still have another whole box plus half of a box from my last two shipments. If anyone is interested in signing up for Graze, you can sign up using my referral link and get your first and fifth months free. Not a bad deal! I personally have really been enjoying them so far! If you sign up, let me know what you think!

And, shameless plug here: I am having an online Scentsy Party. If anyone's interested in ordering, click on this link right here. At the top where you pick which party you want to order through, pick "Margaret's Party." Yeah. Sometimes I use my real name. As an added bonus, after my party ends, I am going to host a Scentsy giveaway right here on the blog! How much I give away will depend on how much gets sold through my party. No purchase will be necessary to enter the giveaway, but the more that gets purchased, the more stuff I give away! If you have any questions about any scents or anything, my consultant is fantastic. I told her one scent I liked, and she did a fantastic job recommending other scents for me based on that. Check it out. Order something!


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    1. I know, right?! And hey, when I do my Scentsy giveaway, you'll be able to enter! Because I can just ship the stuff to me and then repackage and ship to you. ;)