23 July 2014

My little home office

So, I have a spare bedroom that basically became a junk closet, so I decided that I needed to do something with it to make it useable, and a happy, pleasant place to be. Since I am always torn between bright and calming colors when designing my bedroom, I decided I could have the best of both worlds - my bedroom is currently sort of soothing and calming, and fairly grownup looking, so I decided that I could have some fun with my office space!

I am going to add more - including some shelves on the back wall, maybe some more art (check out the elephant. No, not the yellow one. The small one in the green frame. My sweet little niece drew it for me, and I told her I would frame it and hang it in my room). I should have thrown the laptop on the little laptop stand for the pictures, but I wasn't thinking of it at the time.

The other side of the room (behind where my chair is) is where my exercise bike currently is. It makes for a small, tight fit in the room, but it works. Office/workout room! Hooray! Oh, and it also doubles (triples?) as a room for the dogs. Their crate is in here, plus their bins of toys and extra crate blankets.


  1. We just got a couple rooms in our place actually turned into the spaces they're supposed to be. The office looks like an office and the spare bedroom looks like a spare bedroom. It's a nice feeling!